Give a chic and modern touch to your home

Modern rugs created to stand out

Any rug becomes the protagonist of the living room or bedroom where you place it, especially rugs with a modern design that give it a chic, sophisticated and contemporary touch, in line with to your style.

Sophistication and glamour in decoration with rugs

Modern rugs are known for their innovative and cutting-edge designs. In certain cases they can bring a touch of sophistication to surroundings that gives an element of colour or style to a neutral room. At other times, a cutting-edge rug brings glamour without garishness.

Latest trends in rug design

At Unitrama, we offer you a selection of the latest in rugs for the home, with modern and cutting-edge designs. Our offering is based on researching trends that are popular according to interior design and the use of textiles to decorate homes that you want to keep up to date.